If you have an innovation we would like to work with you to make your idea into reality.
We will discuss your goals and desires to for your project. We will help determine the marketability and identify your target market. We can do competitive research to find how difficult it might be to bring to market. We can do demographical analysis to understand what the key drivers are for you best target markets.  All of this will empower you to make the important decisions on your journey to market.

Whether you have

  • A brand new physical product,
  • Or high quality software application,
  • Or just information that you would like to share to benefit someone else 

Call us – we can help you.

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Too many people let their ideas, and dreams, just sit on a shelf…

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Lateral Thinking Products is a small group that has a passion for innovation and marketing. We produce our own innovations, and help guide others on their journey to bringing new products to market.




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